First step for upselling & cross-selling

As your company develops new products and services it becomes important for your sales team to effectively cross-sell and upsell existing customers. Unfortunately, too many reps don’t understand the difference between a new business sale vs an existing customer sale and they apply the same process to each situation. Here is the first step to fixing this problem.

With an existing customer before you can pitch new and additional products, you need to first understand the situation today. Specifically the happiness level. I find the best way to do this is by asking for a grade on an A-F scale. From there you can determine if there is any appetite for additional services.

It plays out something like this: after I’ve asked questions around their company, how they’re organized and projects that the team is focused on.

David: well, can I ask you a question that is specific to our products?

VP: Yes

David: Great. If you had to give us a grade today as a customer, on an A-F scale what would it be?

VP: B+

David: Why B+?

VP: Well, it’s a good product, however there have been….”

David: Okay, why else?

VP: Your support was good at the beginning with the exception of...

David: Got it, what else?

VP: That’s really it, good product

By asking for a grade, you learn where you stand as a vendor with this customer. Then you as the sales rep can begin to think about expansion plans in the account if warranted.

As Sales reps we are always being pushing to “build rapport... build credibility... build trust...” However, your existing customer has none of those motivations with a product they’ve already bought! They’re trying to do their job and make sure that your product is doing what it is supposed to do.

By asking for a grade from an existing customer you show your true interest in helping your customer become successful. If followed up properly you’ll build tons of rapport, credibility and trust with your customers and set the stage for upsells and cross-sells.