The Family Office

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My final year at UC Berkeley I started working for a significant donor to the University. Though I didn’t know it at the time, this part-time job, would expose me to the world of investing and philanthropy through a lense that few are privileged to witness. What I learned during this period gave me a solid footing to launch my business career.

The family that I worked for (herein referred to as “The Family”) had an investment arm and a philanthropic arm to their organization. When I started working for them, the patriarch was still presiding over the entire fortune and running the family foundation from his hometown in the Midwest.

Upon graduation, I started working for The Family in a full-time capacity. This role included financial analysis. The family's wealth was made through value investing. I took the same value approach and conducted analysis of publicly traded organizations.

Additionally, the family foundation was a large donor to not only UC Berkeley but a variety of other non-profit institutions. I helped organize and develop different charitable events and philanthropic projects.   

The development of research and business analysis skills has paid dividends in B2B sales. I’m able to ask thought provoking questions based on my exposure to investment themes. Many of my initial sales conversations are based in my personal interest and experience with financial investing.

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